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Mini-Sermon Messages



You will find here what I call my "Mini-Sermon Internet" messages of hope.  They are intended for those who are committing their lives to Jesus Christ, but are unable to attend a physical church out of fear of persecution from family, friends, governments, non-tolerant religious denominations or State Religions.  I envision this to be my "house church" where members who desire can be linked to one another, for those who desire to do so, in brotherly love and friendship for support and also, to gain in knowledge of the Holy Spirit and the Word (Bible).  At this time, I will not be expounding upon the topics on this page as my message headings should adequately explain what is available under each headings. 



Gospel Message of Jesus Christ                                                      Click for Message


Crucified with Christ                                                                          Click for Message


Easter Message -  March 27, 2016                                                   Click for Message


Kingdom of Heaven Parables  - April 01, 2016                                  Click for Message


The Seven Churchs of Revelation - May 26, 2016                            Click for Message


The Seekers Guide to Biblical Christianity - October 26, 2016          Click for Message

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