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Eight Step Plan


Eight Step Plan - Confess, Grow and Glow, eight steps to finding peace that surpasses all understanding


Hello, my name is Bill: bashful, boring, Bill as I like to be introduced.  I was a closet Christian on my way to hell, but now I am a follower of Jesus Christ, and I’m on my way to heaven.


I’m not an alcoholic, drug addict, wife or child abuser, thief, into pornography or any of the “big sins.”  I have often prided myself in how good I am.  My tower of righteousness was quite tall until I fell.  Fortunately, I fell into the arms of Jesus Christ.


How good were you, one may ask?  Well, I jokingly tell my friends that I always carried a bag of stones on my belt in case I ran across a potential stoning.  You know the words (John 8:7, KJS) Jesus spoke to the woman caught in adultery as her accusers stood ready to kill her: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”  I stood ready!


Quite egotistical of me you may be thinking and you would be right.  Actually, I was a liar.  Why tell the truth when people will believe a lie, I would tell myself; you need to tell little lies along the way just in case you ever have to tell a big one.  It will make your lie more believable.


By now you are probably thinking, what kind of nut job is this guy?  I truly missed my calling; I should have been in politics or a preacher that did not believe in Jesus or the Bible.  HA! HA! That was meant to be a joke.


Let’s put joking aside.  I called myself a Christian, but I did not live the life of what I believed.  I kept it all to myself.  I was just as worldly as everyone except I considered myself more self-righteous.


I was outside the will of Jesus.  I was playing Christian but not allowing the Spirit to lead me.  Perhaps you are in the same condition on the pendulum of salvation.  Maybe you are not on the pendulum at all. Are you a child of God or are you a child of Satan? It is that simple.


Are you burdened in your heart that all is not right? Are you willing to confess your sins to Jesus Christ and ask him for forgiveness for all your past wrongs?  Are you willing to accept Jesus Christ’s forgiveness and to accept and thank him for his grace?  Are you willing to accept the Holy Spirit into your life and to do what the Holy Spirit directs you to do? 


If you are willing to surrender your burdens, let’s get started on an eight-step program called: “Confess, Grow and Glow, eight steps to finding peace that surpasses all understanding” Let’s get started:


Step One: Who is your Lord and Savior?


Step one is called the “get real” program.  It is not complicated but you must be totally honest with yourself.  If you cannot answer the question, “Who is your Lord and Savior?” with the answer Jesus Christ, you are at the beginning phase of “accepting and receiving salvation.” You need to be able to state in a concise way and without hesitation why Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior.


Quick Note:  Instructions on how to be able to answer this question are found in the pages titled The Trinity and The Path to Heaven. 


Finding salvation is a journey.  Your journey will begin when your burdens have driven you to acknowledge there is a God who loves you, and wants to commune with you.  Acknowledging God will lead you to repentance and salvation in His Son, Jesus Christ. 


Prayer, the communing with the Trinity, is the umbrella of your salvation and flows from Step One through Step Eight. Praying is the key and can be done anytime and any place.


Step Two: When you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you must tell your family. If you cannot tell your family about your acceptance and belief in Jesus Christ, you will find it difficult to tell anyone else.  Remain at Step One until you are able to tell your family.


Remain in Prayer believing!



Quick Note: There may be reasons preventing you from telling your family.  If so, tell a close friend.  Hesitating to tell of your acceptance will only lead to more hesitations.  Once you tell, you will set your freedom in Jesus Christ in motion. 


Step Three: Pray, listen, read and study your Bible daily.


You must pray, listen for the voice of God’s Holy Spirit, read and study your bible.  Most importantly, you must learn to listen, listen, and listen for the Holy Spirit.  God’s Spirit may come to you in a voice or some other form that will be moving you to take some action.  The Holy Spirit may be just bringing you comfort and rest.  Be at peace with the Sprit.


Remain in Prayer believing!


Quick Note: There may be days when you cannot read, but there should never be a day that you do not pray.  Find a quiet place where you can be alone, and let the peace of God commune with your spirit. Little children can hear the voice of the Holy Spirit easier than older adults.  Try to clear your mind of clutter and let your mind become like that of a little child.


Step Three and Step Four work together and should be jointly followed.


Remain in Prayer believing!



Step Four: Fellowship with other believers and followers of Jesus Christ.


It is important to find a fellowship of believers with whom you can pray with and be prayed over.  This can be in a church, in a home or in a setting of your choosing.  Make sure your fellowship is with Bible believing and Holy Spirit filled believers.  That is, are they committed to Jesus Christ and his word?  Listen to their testimonies and share yours.


Remain in Prayer believing!



Quick Note: While you are searching for a fellowship of believers, continue to set aside a time in your daily schedule to read, study and pray over scriptures you read.  Do not feel you must immediately start joining committee’s, performing works or converting others, i.e., family members, friends and other acquaintances.


Step Five:  Be prepared to witness to others about Jesus Christ.


There will come a time when the Holy Spirit will be at work in your life and you will be asked by someone, a friend or even a stranger, about your believe in Jesus Christ.  Be prepared to respond with an answer of why you are a follower of Jesus.  Again, be prepared.  When asked, say a simple prayer in your mind and then simply say what is on your heart. Do not preach and condemn.


Remain in Prayer believing!


Quick Note: Do not consciously seek out people to witness to.  Let it happen supernaturally.  You will be surprised.  


Step Six:  When the Holy Spirit leads you, begin to initiate conversations about your fellowship and belief in Jesus Christ.  Always pray before beginning your conversation and follow the lead of the Spirit.


Remain in Prayer believing!


Quick Note: Standing on a street corner and declaring hell and damnation of people’s souls and other acts of “boldness in the Spirit” will not get it.  You’ll only turn people off.  Unless the Holy Spirit is directing you to stand on the street corner, don’t do it. 


Step Seven: Step out in faith and follow the Holy Spirit’s leading.


It is at this point that you are prepared to step out in faith and follow the leading of God’s Holy Spirit.  This can sometimes be big.  You may be led to change professions, move to another city, break-off a relationship, teach a Sunday School class, or some other leading.  In your spirit you will know what action you are being led to take.  Whatever the action, make sure you are praying and listening for the Spirit’s lead; not the desire of you body.


Remain in Prayer believing!


Quick Note: You may not be given any assignment or direction. Just wait patiently but continue to read, study, pray, work, and fellowship with other believers.  It may take a lifetime.  Sometime you just “walk in the wilderness” until your assignment is made clear or given to you. Don’t count on it being something big.  It may be something simple and seemingly mundane to you.  To God, it will always be important no matter how big or small your task may be. 


Step Eight: No matter how long your journey will be on earth, never lose faith but always walk in fellowship with God’s Holy Spirit.  Look and wait for the return of Jesus.  He will be returning soon.  Stay in the Bible and trust in its teachings.  Remain in prayer always.  Keep yourself from worldly desires and passions.  Do not let yourself be led astray by false teachers.  God will reveal to you the truths he desires for you to understand.


Remain in Prayer believing!


Quick Note: You may be one of those who go from Step One to Step Eight in a “flat second.”  God’s Spirit can do that to you.  If so, do not over rejoice and look down on your family of believers that are not at your level of spirituality. 


Never forget, Satan is always on the prowl “seeking whom he may devour.” (As written in 1 Peter 5:8, NIV, “Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.”)  Satan is more powerful than you and is smarter, but he is not more powerful or smarter than the Holy Spirit of God that will dwell in your body.  Cast Satan and his angels out by the word of Jesus Christ.


Remain in Prayer believing until Jesus Christ comes for you!


I hope you truly find the peace that is promised you as a believer in Jesus Christ.  There will, unfortunately, come a time in the not too distant future when you will be persecuted for your belief.  You will be asked to take the mark of Antichrist on your hand or forehead. This is all explained in the book of Revelation.  Please refuse the mark. Stay strong in the Spirit, and you will be guided through any persecutions you will face on earth.


There is good news however.  Jesus Christ is returning for his believers, and they will not be on the earth when the horrors of the “Great Tribulation” period unfolds as explained in Biblical scriptures.  


I would have never thought I would see the United States of America abandon God, but it is happening. It is happening even though there are many in America who claim they are Christians.  They have denied the very words of Jesus Christ and have believed in their own humanity as their god. 


I look forward to seeing you in heaven.  In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen.


A final caution: Read Jesus’ Parable of the Sower found in Matthew 13:1-23.  In this parable he speaks of the kingdom of heaven, His 1000-year reign on earth at his second coming.  It speaks of a farmer sowing seed: some fell on pathways and were eaten by birds; some fell on rocky soil but withered and died in the heat; some fell among weeds which grew up and choked out the seed; some fell on good soil and produced a bountiful crop. 


When asked to explain this parable Jesus responded: the seed (message of the kingdom) sown on the pathway was not understood by the hearer and was quickly forgotten; the message cast on rocky soil was heard by the hearer but when trouble came along the message was quickly abandoned; the message cast amongst the stones was heard by the hearer but the worries of life and concern about wealth cause the hearer not to follow and proclaim the message; finally, the message cast on good soil was heard by the hearer who understood, accepted, believed and followed the message and told many others.


Herein lies the key; you cannot just accept Jesus Christ as your savior in response to an emotional message without understanding what you are committing yourself to.  By accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you are surrendering your will to the Trinity.  The Holy Spirit will indwell you and lead you to peace if you allow and follow the Spirit’s leading.  You will be abandoning the human desires of the body and following the spiritual desires of the Spirit. 


The eight-step process will assist you in becoming a spirit filled person; a person planted in good soil.  Once you fully understand, never look back.


Let the chorus to the song Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus by Helen H. Lemmel, which goes: “Turn your eyes upon Jesus, Look full in his wonderful face, And the things of earth will grow strangely dim In the light of his glory and grace” flood your soul and spirit with peace.


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