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Take Back Your Family


Take back your family


Does anyone care?  Will anyone commit to standing up for decency?  Yes, we as a society can set standards of decency.  The majority can and should give up their complacent lifestyles and begin to demand changes.  You can turn off your television and stop watching inappropriate programming.  You can demand that school order be restored and that standards be enforced.  You can restore order, but it must first start in your own home.  Who is willing to take a stand?


I have coffee with friends at the local donut shop on occasion.  On a Monday following an Easter Service weekend the subject of church attendance came up. Some had attended an Easter Service while others had not.  I was in the last category. I gave up my parking space for someone who only attends once or twice a year. Big of me, wasn’t it.  I call them friends even though I’m just a casual acquaintance to most of them.  Most are there every day while I may go once a week.  As a group they don’t believe this Jesus stuff. 


They are all good people who still believe that America is the greatest country on earth but like me, they do not agree with changes that are taking place in America.  I’m sure most are frightened or should I say disgusted, by the total lack of integrity and decency being exhibited by our political leaders and representatives.  But, it’s not just the politicians who are at fault.


We as a society are equally at fault.  We have condoned either by acceptance or inaction the changes being made.  It started at the family level when we all became too busy to “be a family.”  Working moms, dads, busy schedules, and the quest for bigger and better stuff slowly ate away at our souls.  A little tolerance here and there was OK.  A “damn” or “hell” said in jest over the airwaves harmed no one.  A little revealing of the female anatomy harmed no one.  Just a little more never hurt anyone.  But “just a little” led to a little more that led to a little more, and now we have an epidemic of divorce, drug and alcohol addiction, morality and decency decay. Does anyone even care enough to take a stand and say enough is enough?  


The vast majority of Americans are still moral and decent people.  They have just lost their collective voice and need to gain it back.  We can gain our country back, but first we must gain our families back. 


If you don’t know where to start, I would suggest you start with the six steps listed below.  If you are not willing, then live with the changing world and its violence.


Follow these six steps to take back your family back from the world.


Step 1: As an individual and family pray and ask God for forgiveness: forgiveness for letting evil replace good.  Remember this, only Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit can restore your family.  If you do not believe there is a God, there is no hope for you or your family.  Yes, many live without Jesus Christ, but no one has the peace that surpasses all understanding without Jesus Christ.  Why settle for less when you can have the best? 


For those who are willing to take a chance on Jesus, find a Bible teaching church and seek to find Him.  If you truly seek, God will point you to Jesus, and He will save your soul.  


Step 2: Take time to have a family meal together at least once a day. It does not have to be an evening meal.  It could be breakfast. Please begin today. Do not procrastinate. Just do it! At the family meal pray to God, discuss and read the Ten Commandments (they may be found in Deuteronomy, chapter five), and read one chapter of Proverbs from the Bible. 


The Ten Commandments and the book of Proverbs are practical standards of right and wrong (morality issues).  No one should complain.  After all, what is wrong with “Do not steal” or “Do not lie?” Dads should lead this family discussion, but in dad’s absence or unwillingness, the mom can.  You can do this in less than ten minutes. 


Step 3: Take back your family from the world.  If you have young children, this will not be an unpleasant event.  If you have teenagers who have been allowed to participate in worldly activities, this will be hard but not impossible. But, you will eventually have a harder and a more difficult emotional time if you don’t take charge now.


Your teenager does not have to have a car, cell phone, designer clothes, unlimited freedom if they are not paying any of the bills or helping with work around the house.  Keeping up their studies is expected, and they should not be rewarded for doing what they should be doing.  But, the training process starts when your children are first born, not when they become teenagers.  


There should be no threats, no violence but only a pleading to bring love back into the family.  Ask for forgiveness of your family members for any problems you have created, and forgive your family members for any problems they have caused.  Become a support group.  Seek Christian counseling if required.


Step 4: Establish communications with your children that as a minimum will include the following:


  • Discussion of alcohol and drug use in a non-judgmental tone.  Point out the inherent dangers and consequences that can result in just a one-time use.  Watch for drug and alcohol abuse problems; don’t bury your head in the sand and assume your child will not participate just to fit in with their friends.  Take an interest in your child and be their parent.  If you drink or take drugs, STOP!


  • Discuss sexual promiscuity and pornography. Talk about abortion, sexually transmitted diseases, cancer occurrences with oral sex and multiple sexual partners.  Who knows who will see those nude pictures on the Internet?


  • Talk with your child about their school, teachers, other students and any conflicts such as bullying. Go to PTA meetings and meet your child’s teachers.  A school should be a place of safety.  If not, join with other parents to weed out the bad.


Step 5: Teach your children to be respectful: to individuals, to other people’s property, to people in authority and to their country and institutions. 



Step 6: Teach your children about responsibilities: responsibilities of each family member for obeying family rules, performing family chores, and respect for each family member.  You must show respect to your children if you want them to respect you.


Other steps could be listed, but if you will start with these six steps America’s road to recovery will begin. For those of you who are willing to do this simple act I encourage you to tell others. We can take America back from the hands of the ungodly, but it must start in your home and with YOU.

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