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Please Note:  You do not have to be a believer or follower of Jesus Christ to have your photo taken with SantaBilly. You or your child will not be given religious publications or asked to hear, accept or convert to SantaBilly's religious beliefs. SantaBilly  welcomes all and does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, religion, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, national origin, disability, veteran status or any other status or condition protected by law. For we are all like little children in our innocence and belief in Santa during the Christmas Holidays.

Come and celebrate the True meaning of Christmas with SantaBilly.  We say: Merry Christmas to all, not Happy Holidays; we have a Christmas tree, not a Holiday Tree; we sing: Christmas Carols, not Holiday Songs.  We tell the story of Jesus's birth to all that wish to hear the good news of the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ.


While Christmas can be a lonely and depressing time for some adults, most enjoy Christmas as a time to make and enjoy good memories and to spend family time together.  For children who believe in Santa it can be a magical and exciting time. SantaBilly is all about making memories with photos, Christmas story reading, and celebrating the Birthday of Jesus Christ.  Let us help you capture those memories. 

SantaBillybelieves there is a creator God---the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob---that is revealed to man in the Holy Scriptures (the Bible) and through the Holy Spirit. The Creator God---God the Father, God the Son (Jesus) and God the Holy Spirit---is the God of Love, not hate. To know the Living God as you Father is to find true happiness, peace and eternal salvation.
Christmas is a time of celebration---The celebration of the birth of Jesus, the Messiah foretold of in the Old Testament prophesies of the Holy Scriptures, is to know the true meaning of Christmas.. Jesus came to the earth to die for the sins of man. He died on a cross, was buried and rose from death so that all who would confess Him as their Lord and Savior could be set free from their past, present and future sins. A sin is simply a human act of transgression that is committed outside the will of God. "For all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God."
For sin to be forgiven there must be confession of sin and the repentance from sin. With confession and repentance comes the indwelling of God’s Holy Spirit. God's Spirit will teach all that is required of man to enable him to be faithful followers and disciples of Jesus Christ. It is man’s responsibility to follow God's path, and man will be given the ability to walk "God's narrow path" through his new spiritual rebirth---“You must be born again,” said Jesus. In today's secular world, a time of Holy Religious Celebration has been turned into a time of materialism and commercialization.
Jesus’ birth is celebrated with a party, but Jesus is seldom invited. SantaBilly invites you to experience the true meaning of Christmas and to find peace and love from a God that will never leave or forsake you. SantaBilly would love to share his testimony of the saving Grace of Jesus Christ with you, your loved ones or for any audience of seekers. There is no charge for this opportunity for SantaBilly to share in either a private or public setting.. 
This Christmas Season SantaBilly is partnering with Luke 2-7 Publishing LLC in promoting their new book entiled, Santa Believes. Please visit their web site,, for more information.




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