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The Indwelling Spirit Global Ministries


The indwelling ministries are varied in their approach to spreading the Gospel Message.  We are Holy Spirit led to areas of need be they individual, local, or global.  Where the Spirit leads we must go without questioning.  Thus, a ministry may be of a short duration where there is an immediate need to say a word or provide assistance or it may be of a longer nature to "nourish and cultivate planted seeds for growth and maturity."


The Indwelling Global Ministry is funded in part by the North Loop Cottage LLC and has no other funding source except from its Founder and small donations (pocket change) from those who feels led to contribute to the support of our ministry.  We are not organized as a tax exempt 501 (c) 3 organization.   A limited description of the three lines of ministry are shown below.   




International Ministry:


I have been fortunate to travel and to live in many places throughout the world. The image of the little girl is a favorite from one of my earliest travel ventures.  The photo was taken on a hillside road overlooking Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  The year was 1962, and I was just twenty years old. She was alone and there was no one else around.  Her home was just a shack below her on the hillside.  I have often wondered and thought (remembering her in prayer) about her life and her life's journey. 


There are many poor in this world. I recall taking the time to stop and talk with a young mother sitting next to a building on a street in Dublin, Ireland.  She had obviously fallen upon hard times as her appearance and clothing reflected she lived on the street. Next to her was a box where a few coins had been tossed. Standing next to her was a little girl of the approximate age as the girl in the photo.  Her appearance and look was that of her mother's.  I had compassion for her and chose not to photograph her.  They touched my heart, but it seemed like there was nothing I could do at the time other than to place money in her collection box.  She thanked me and I moved on to catch up with my tour group. 


I could relate other stories, but I’ll save those for another time.  Today my longing is to share the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ with those I meet, and if possible to provide what assistance or monetary funds I may have to give.  It has been a surprise to me that a majority of the people who chose to register on my blog site are international readers from locations other than the United States. Hopefully, I am reaching those who need a message of hope in a world that offers no hope for today much less a hope for tomorrow or eternity. It has also not come as a surprise, but I would have to admit a little disappointing that I have no followers in my local circle of worldly or Christians "friends."




Does God hear you when you pray?

Local Mission:


All Christians have a local mission.  One’s family, friends, neighbors, and everyone they come in contact with qualify as the “mission field.”  In this regard, Christians should stand out as righteous people of God with a calling to proclaim the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ whenever and to whomever they are led by the Holy Spirit to minister. They are not to be, however, judgmental and abrasive to those they encounter.


A lesson I have learned from life is that you cannot be a “Stand Alone” Christian.  By that I mean you have to rely upon, and find fellowship with, other members of the body of Christ. “Again, I tell you that if two or you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven.  For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them,’” Matthew 18:19-20 NIV.  


I seek to meet other Holy Spirit filled believer who have a message and mission that is Holy Spirit inspired.  My goal is to identify with these believers and to promote their work. As I am led I will provide a link to their web presence for your consideration.  Their work may be of interest to you, and you may wish to join their ministries through prayer, contributions, or by working with them.




scan of front and back view

Key Chain Project:


I place my trust in the Holy Spirit to guide me in my ministries.  One such calling is to hand out key chains to people I meet and have the opportunity to talk with as I go about my daily life.  The key chain design appearance is as shown in the photo: On one end of a small length of chain there is a ring for attaching keys, and on the other end there is a round metal “medallion,” about the size of a half-dollar. On one side there is a cross and an American flag with the words, “In God I Trust. On the other side there may be a biblical scripture (on some John 3:16) or words such as, “Love, Joy, Peace, Jesus,” as shown in the photo. The name of my web address or blog address appears above and below the words, respectively. I order them one hundred at a time as the message may change.  I could get a better price if I ordered them in a larger quantity, but my budget only permits the quantity that I order. Hopefully, the keychains will be a reminder to the people I meet of the message I am trying to tell. At times this does not go well.  


I once gave one to a lady I met while walking a beach in Florida.  I briefly told her of my journey in life and she told me of hers.  Her husband had been killed in an accident, and she was left as a widower with children in their late teens. However, when I gave her one of my key chains and began to explain its significance, it was as if I had handed her a "hot ember." She suddenly exclaimed that the sun was in her eyes, and she had to go, almost running. I do not know what happened to suddenly frighten her. At times, I remember her in my prayers and pray for her journey in life.


It is a fact of life that not everyone will be open to the Gospel Message, but you never know.  Well, actually you will know because the Holy Spirit will tell you to whom to speak His message.  It is when you let your own humanity (spirit) get in the way that the way may become clouded. 




Santa Ministry:


My Santa Ministry started as a “calling out of the blue.”  I never had a desired to be a Santa and the role of playing Santa was never on my bucket list of retirement things to do.  One morning I told my wife I had decided to become a Santa and proceeded to “let my hair grow.” If you look at the photo its is apparent that I got carried away.  



My life’s journey has been a series of “I’ve decided to become or to be” events.  I joined the Army at the age of seventeen as my spirit led.  As I look back my enlisting kept me from being drafted during the Vietnam era, and provided me an adventure of a lifetime.  I believe it was God’s way of provisioning my soul and spirit for future events.


My time of trying to perform as part of a Blue Grass Gospel group was another "spirit led event." I purchased a banjo and started taking music lessons.  Why I chose to do this I do not know as I have no natural musical ability.  I was actually ask to leave a choir group because of my inability to sing. Again, it was “God’s way of provisioning my soul and spirit for future events.”


If you read my life journey story you will find that I was an extremely shy, introvert.  I never liked attention, and I had no desire to stand out “from the crowd,” so to speak. 


Go now to for the rest of the Santa Story.

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